News:What kind of garage door do I have? – Garage doors explained.

There are so many different styles of garage doors but here we’ll make sense of them. Typically, there are 4 common styles of garage doors. So, what type of garage door do you have? Keep reading and find out!

Electric Roller Garage Doors

Probably (definitely if you ask us!) the most efficient, smart and space saving garage door available. The electric roller garage door saves space on both the inside and the outside of the garage allowing you to make the most of the space on the inside of your garage and outside your garage – meaning more room for your cars!

Electric roller garage doors are constructed by a curtain of steel or aluminium slats that open vertically. When the roller garage door is opened by an electric fob, the slats move upward vertically and coil into a rolled shape above the opening unlike a sectional garage door that moves back along a track. This means that they don’t take up any valuable ceiling space either with tracks!

Sectional Garage Doors

Sectional Garage Doors work by individual horizontal panels lifting electronically, vertically and back along a track. The main advantage to sectional garage doors is that they can be installed onto curved or arched ceilings as the tracking just sits on the ceiling inside your garage.

Side Hinged Garage Doors

Incredibly easy to use as they open like any normal doors. Usually opening outwards, they offer space saving benefits on the inside of your garage however have disadvantages in the fact that they do not allow space saving benefits on the outside of your property due to how they open. So you’d have to be extra careful how close you park the car to it!

Tilt Up Garage Doors

When it comes to up and over garage doors there are two types. A canopy up and over door and a retractable up and over door. They open in a slightly different way to each other but are still both considered ‘up and over’ style. To open the canopy style door all you have to do is unlock and lift manually. What gives it the ‘canopy’ label is the fact that when fully open the door will protrude a third of the way out of the entrance that creates a canopy type effect. The retractable up and over style simply means that when you manually lift your door up it retracts back along tracks all the way inside your garage, meaning no extra canopy on the outside.

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