About Us

Our Story

We began manufacturing electric roller shutter doors in Leeds at the start of 2020, with just 2 of us trying to make a name for ourselves!

We now have a warehouse in the beautiful countryside near Beverley with a handful of really great teams working for us!

We are a family run business passionate about our company and hoping to keep our work life exciting! 

About Our Doors

Roller Garage Doors

Our electric roller shutter garage doors come in two sizes, the ’55mm system’ and the ’77mm system’.

What’s the difference?

The ’55mm system’ is the most compact system and is made with 9mm of insulated aluminum. This system is designed for widths of 2.7m and smaller. These are also great for window shutters. 

The ’77mm system’ is effectively double the size, with 18mm of insulation and can be made for doors up to 6m wide. 

Both of these systems roll up nicely into a tight fit box at the top ensuring minimal space it taken up the garage.

Sectional Garage Doors

The sectional garage doors have made their smart reputation around the UK, making homes look more modern and sleek. 

These doors are made with 40mm of insulation which is great for those choosing to use their garage space as more of a living space. 

These doors do need their hanging space along the garage ceiling so bear this in mind when deciding on your favourite style.

With that being said, the door opens and closes vertically and stays flat leaving your headroom untouched.