News:Nifty storage ideas for your garage and how to save space

Roller shutters are a brilliant way of saving space in and outside your garage...

Looking to have a clear out this spring? Now is the perfect time. Throughout the warmer months you’ll probably be doing more work in the garden and outside, around your home. Meaning you need to get your garage in order to not make your DIY tasks seem so laborious and let’s face it, draining.

Below are a few ideas to save some space and get your garage organised.

First things first, get your rubbish bags at the ready (potentially the heavy duty ones) and get to work on throwing away whatever is fit for the bin.

Save space with your door

Roller shutters are a brilliant way of saving space in and outside your garage. Because of the vertical nature of how they open, it means that you don’t have to worry about the storage space either side of your roller shutter door. It is so much easier to make use of the whole of your garage space with a roller shutter. Browse our full range of colours and styles here.

Use your walls

Instead of bulky boxes that take up a lot of room in your garage why not use the walls for stylish hooks that you can hang your tools and smaller pieces of equipment on? The walls are a great way to utilise every bit of space you have available.

Get yourself mini tool drawers

For all your tiny bits and bobs that are still important, like screws and bolts, mini tool drawers are perfect. You can even buy slim ones that you can push up against your wall and they don’t take up too much space.

Don’t overlook the ceiling!

Do you have a high garage ceiling? Then don’t let it go to waste! Brackets can be used on higher ceilings that can hold bigger objects like bikes and ladders. Allowing you to get bigger objects off the floor and clearing more space.

Open shelves are better than cabinets

If you’re going to use shelving racks then definitely invest in open shelves not closed cabinets. Closed cabinets encourage you to stay disorganised and to not make the most out of your space, inside them, as you can easily hide the evidence! Shelves that are on display encourage you to stay tidy and well organised.

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