News:Tips To Improve The Security Of Your Home

The number of burglaries that happen via the garage door are on the rise.....

Did you know that a burglary happens every 108 seconds in the UK? That means that there are 34 burglaries committed every hour with West Yorkshire being one of the worst affected places per 100 people.

But don’t worry, there are ways that you can improve the security of your home and we’ve listed our top tips below.

Roller garage doors

The number of burglaries that happen via the garage door are on the rise. There is no better security for your garage than an electric roller garage door. Durable and strong they will protect any entrances to your home that lie behind the garage door. Whereas more traditional garage doors are easy to break into. Get a free survey with us or get in touch for a quote.

Light it up

Lights can be a huge deterrent for burglars. Security lights that turn on when they detect movement can warn you of any activity happening around your property. Or you could get lights that come on using a timer in your home this will make it seem like somebody is in when you’re actually out.

Don’t overshare

It’s so important not to make it known when you’re away on holiday on social media. Keeping your social media profiles private and only allowing friends and family to see the content you post will keep the risk of any unwanted eyes seeing your private information. It is also a method by burglars to partner with taxi drivers to let them know when you’re out of the house. So, if you are using taxis then get them to either pick you up or drop you off near your home but not directly outside so you’re not sharing with them which property is yours.

Keep it locked

Now we’re not just talking about your doors and windows, which is a bit of a given. We’re talking about anything lying around your home that might help burglars break into your home. Keep any tools, ladders, and heavy objects locked away. Don’t provide the burglars with tools to break into your home. It’s also an idea to invest in a home safe, to keep valuables like jewellery, wallets and phones locked away. So should somebody enter your property, there is that extra level of security already in place inside your property.

Sound the alarm

Get an alarm system installed. This is a massive deterrent for burglars. Did you know that some home insurers even offer discounts on improved alarm systems? So, check with your provider if they offer this. You can even get dummy boxes installed to deter burglars, so you can improve the security of your home but without the added cost of an actual alarm system.

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