News:Rollright supports Ukraine, with your help!

We have been busy getting donations of supplies to those most in need in Ukraine...

2022 has been a busy year so far for the team at Rollright.

Alongside the day job supplying and fitting roller garage doors for our fantastic customers throughout the UK, we have been busy raising funds, getting donations of supplies and taking them to those most in need in Ukraine.

We raised awareness of the mission via Facebook campaigns, and putting posters out in Market Weighton village, working alongside our main supplier to collect donations.

These donations included:

  • Food
  • Toiletries
  • Medicine
  • Warm Clothes
  • Sleeping Bags

Our first trip began on March 19th with our main challenge being getting these donations into Ukraine. We chose to attempt to get the donations into Ukraine itself where the help was needed the most, rather than give to the refugee camps.

We spent hours waiting for the approval paperwork in order to cross the border into Lviv, Ukraine, however as the paperwork arrived, it soon became clear that it would be too dangerous to enter Lviv.

As a result of this, we spent the next day talking to any English people we could in the camp to see if they could help us with our mission. In the meantime we volunteered in the camp and offered any help we could. We spent the evening handing out non-essential items to individuals, just to cheer them up for a while. These items included suitcases, toys and vanity kits for women and girls.

Shortly after this, we managed to find information on a group of Ukrainian’s that were travelling back across the border to transport aid back home, where we were able to offload our donations and buy them more food, in particular baby food and protein bars for the adults.

The general public were so generous with their donations that we had enough supplies to make a second trip to the Polish border in April.

The objective of the second trip was simply to empty the van at the border, into another van going across the border to a camp inside Ukraine that was holding children, women, and front-line soldiers.

The contents of the van stretched from food and toiletries to books for children. This time we had brought more of the team so we could offer more assistance at the border, however the military at the border had things under control, so we were unable to offer further assistance.

We still had donations left over that couldn’t fit in the van, s0 these will be going to a charity in Hull called Hull 4 Ukraine. They will be helping Sponsors in Hull to provide for their new Ukrainian arrivals.

Thanks to our suppliers and the general and local public for their amazing donations and support. We wouldn’t have been able to have done this without you!

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